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My name is Inma Azorin.

I am a Spanish freelance Hair and Make-up Artist, based in Bristol, UK.

Over the past 15 years I have worked as a Hair & Make-up Artist in Film and TV, Special Effects, Publicity, Photography, Theatre and Fashion, covering a wide range of styles and developing a versatile set of skills. I have extensive experience and skills in period / historical hairdressing & make up, barbering, both wig & facial postiche dressing and application, SFX, airbrushing, body painting, both avant-grade, beauty and editorial hair & make up.

My positive and creative personality, combined with my extensive experience gives me the ability to adapt to different scenarios and production teams in any country. Being bilingual has opened up the opportunity for me to work on many challenging projects and travel to different locations all over world.

l have worked and lead Hair and Make-up teams both as Make-up Designer and Crowd Supervisor for a wide variety of  projects and for many production companies including Universal, Warner Bross, BBC, ITV, Netflix, Paramount and HBO, to name but a few. In April this year I completed working on the BBC 1960’s period drama  ‘The Trial of Christine Keeler’ in the role of Make-up Designer.

Last but not least I also co-own a Vintage Hair and Make up company employing 30 stylists, focusing on vintage festivals, fairs, hen parties, events, etc.
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In addition to my work I have many other passions ranging from tropical and colourful artefacts, to yoga, reiki and dance.

If you would like to see examples of my work you are very welcomed to download my CV below.

These are some of the clients Inma has worked with: